Take-A-Way Gourmet | Week of 2/22/21

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New to the online store this week:
Topo Chico Sparkling Mineral Water and Cane Sugar Cubes
Up your cocktail game with these industry favorites!

Build a better cocktail!

Topo Chico Sparkling Mineral Water

Trust us, this will elevate any cocktail. Topo Chico is a cult favorite, beloved for its gentle fizziness. Make the classic “Texas Ranch Water” (add tequila and lime juice) or mix with any of our locally made Slow Island Syrups.

$44.40 / 24 x 12oz glass bottles (add’l $1.44 bottle fees)

subject to 6-cent HI5 bottle deposit (5 cents) and container fee (1 cent) per bottle; $1.44 total

Rough-Cut Cane Sugar Cubes

The classic Old Fashioned preparation involves muddling a sugar cube with bitters and a splash of water. Try brown sugar for a more sophisticated flavor.

These rough-cut cane sugar cubes from Comptoir du Sud will add class to your bar set up or tea tray. Available in white or brown sugar.

$$8.45 / 1kg box

Slow Island Co. Syrups

Crafted on Kauai, Slow Island Food & Beverage Co. cocktail and culinary syrups are an instant infusion of flavor. Make these your secret weapon and create cocktails and mocktails that taste like they took way more work than they really did!

Available in four flavors: Passionfruit Orange Guava, Kauai Vanilla Bean, Hawaiian Chili Pineapple, Roselle Hibiscus Lime

$$16.99 / 8oz bottle

Angostura Bitters

The bartenders’ essential ingredient. A secret family recipe and a distinctive quirky label. Everything about this item is legendary!

It has more uses than just behind the bar, though. A simple soda-and-bitters to calm your stomach, or cook with it and make everything from a meat marinade to chocolate chip cookies!

$$23.60/ 6.7oz bottle

New & Back In Stock

Local Fruit Purees

We’ve added three local fruit purees from Maui Fruit Jewels, all made with 100% local-grown fruit. No sugar added. Shelf stable, refrigerate after opening. Product may be frozen.

Guava Puree
$19.85 / 2lb. pouch

Lilikoi Puree
$39.80 / 2lb. pouch

Mango Puree
$16.50 / 1lb. pouch

Hobbs’ Bacon

Everyone’s favorite bacon is back in stock! Cured and sweetly smoked to enhance the pure pork flavor, Hobbs’ bacon is center cut with two lean streaks, and carefully crafted to assure superior texture and consistency.

$11.95 / 1lb. package