Our Brand Partners

When selecting our manufacturers and partners we look for products that are all-natural, of superior quality, are unique and taste good! Our suppliers meet all current state and federal food safety requirements.

We partner with Gourmet Foods Inc. to manufacture our appetizers, sausages, paté, sauces, pasta, main courses and desserts.

Gourmet Foods Inc.’s product philosophy: We are working to make our products more natural and less processed, while continuing to search for ingredients derived from sustainable sources. As a leader in practical, healthy food manufacturing we are proud to have adopted the following ingredient standards:

  • Pork naturally raised on the pastures of family farms for all or our paté and sausage
  • Cage-free eggs
  • Chicken that is hormone- and antibiotic-free
  • Wild-caught shrimp, tuna and crab
  • Dairy products from cows not given regular hormone treatments (whenever possible)
  • Expeller-pressed oil
  • Unbleached flour

Our handcrafted, chef-created products are prepared to the highest standards without compromising quality, flavor or consistency.