Take-A-Way Gourmet | Week of 11/11/20

Cookies, cakes, pies and more!
We’ve got what you need in store…
Stock up on quality butter, pre-made pie dough and other essentials.

See below for highlights from this week’s list!

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Holiday Baking Essentials

We have lots of quality supplies for your holiday baking needs, everything from butter and chocolate to fruit purees and nuts.
Beurremont Butter (83% cultured)
$5.75 / 1 lb.
E. Guittard 55% Chocolate
$35.40 / 3kg. bag
Cacao Barry Extra Brut Cacao Powder
$17.50 / 1kg. bag
Madagascar Vanilla Beans
$13.65 / 5-piece pkg.
Fruit Purees
Blackberry, Lychee, Raspberry, Pineapple or Coconut
$14.75 / 2.25lb container
IQF Rhubarb Pieces
$9.50 / 2.2lb. bag
IQF Morello Cherries
$16.50 / 2.2lb. bag

Hi Pie Dough Balls

We are excited to partner with local pie makers Hi Pie to help make your holiday baking easier!

Each package of pre-made Hi Pie dough balls contains two (2) 6-ounce dough balls. That’s enough to make a nine-inch pie or four personal pies (4-inch).

Available beginning 11/16
Hi Pie Dough Balls
$7.25 / set of 2

Turkey Ideas

No bird-brained schemes here, these show some real tasty thinking!

Ina Garten’s Roast Turkey with Truffle Butter

Use our Urbani Truffle Butter for this, and add some to your green beans and potatoes while you’re at it

Urbani White Truffle Butter
$23 / 1 lb.

Grilled Vinegar Turkey With Chiles and Rosemary

This might be the year to try something new! This Bon Appetit recipe goes for the grill instead of the oven, and incorporates sherry vinegar for a spicy, tangy sauce. Try our sherry vinegar from Spain.

Gran Gusto Sherry Vinegar
$10.50 / 25-oz. bottle

And don’t forget the sides…

Diced Pancetta
Great for stuffing or with Brussels sprouts
2-pound bag
Potatoes au Gratin
Pre-portioned in small sizes for easy prep, eating and clean-up
6 pieces/box
Hobb’s Applewood Smoked Bacon
Everything’s better with bacon…like green beans, stuffing or well, anything!
1-pound package