Take-A-Way Gourmet | Week of 08/26/20

Take a Trip to Spain…Through Your Tastebuds

We’re thrilled to announce that we’re now stocked up on some of our favorite Spanish products from Culinary Collective. That makes it a great week to offer you a special Paella Kit! All you need is your preferred protein and a good pan.

See below for details!

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Paella Perfection

This iconic Spanish dish is the ultimate one-pan meal. If you’ve got a grill-safe pan, you can even prepare it the traditional way, over an open flame.

Kit Includes:

2 oz pimentos
1 kg paella rice
12.3 oz jar Sofrito
.8 g Saffron threads
33 oz Valencian or Seafood base for paella
Recipe card with cooking instructions included

Aneto Broths & Paella Bases

Aneto’s secret is to select the highest quality meat, fish and vegetables, and simmer them over low heat for over three hours just like it’s done at home. Aneto uses no concentrates or powders. The resulting product is a satisfying broth or cooking base perfect for soups, stews, risotto, or paella.

Valencian Base
Ideal for chicken; Paella Valenciana was originally a dish made by farm laborers out in the fields. This is the true original recipe style.

Seafood Base
Perfect for any variety of fish or shellfish you’d like to add; the seafood variation of the dish can make for a dramatic presentation.


Spanish & Peruvian Favorites in Stock


We are restocked with our favorite Spanish and Peruvian products from Culinary Collective. We love everything from this company. Every product has a story and comes from smaller producers.

Bonito in Oil

The tuna is back!!! We know you’ve been waiting…

Canned 2-pack: $11.80/pack (4 oz cans)
Glass jar: $12.80ea.

Zócalo Aji Chili Cooking Sauces from Peru 

These delicious sauces use fresh, organic native aji chilies, fruits, herbs, spices and extra virgin olive oil for a delicious, creative and unique way to add a flavorful kick to everyday meals. Use as a simmering sauce, marinade, brush on grilled meats or poultry, as a condiment, or combine with whole milk yogurt or mayo for a spicy dip for chips and vegetables.

Aji Panca Chili and Herbs 
Smoky and tangy, with hints of dark fruits and spices, this moderately spicy aji panca chili sauce will become your new favorite for cooking and grilling everything from beef to salmon and vegetables.
$8.95/8oz. jar

Aji Amarillo Chili and Goldenberry
Moderately spicy Peruvian aji amarillo chilies and sweet, tangy native goldenberries give this piquant cooking sauce a bright, spicy-sweet flavor.
$10.95/8oz jar

Aji Limo Chili and Passionfruit
This sauce is for spice lovers! Spicy red aji limo chilies, red bell pepper, sweet passionfruit and other native herbs and spices give this unique cooking sauce a bold personality.
$10.95/8oz jar