Take-A-Way Gourmet | Week of 06/09/20

Plan Ahead: Father’s Day is June 21!
Heat up the grill! This curated set includes staff favorites that will satisfy the whole family.

A great way to treat Dad to a delicious dinner at home!

$75 Set Includes:
Bratwurst Sausage, Wild-Caught Shrimp, Mushroom Burger Patties, Chimichurri Sauce, Pommery Mustard,
Cheesecake Bars with Blueberry Yuzu Compote
See below for details!

Save yourself a trip to the big box stores! Order ahead and we will bring to your car.

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All orders must be placed in advance using our online form (scroll down for the link) or by calling us at (808) 841-8071, between 8:00am and 2:00pm.

For your health and safety, NO WALK-IN ORDERS accepted. Once we receive your order, we’ll be in touch to confirm availability, schedule pickup and collect payment.

Father’s Day Grill Set

This all-in-one assortment is perfect for any hot summer night and takes the pressure out of figuring out what to do for Father’s Day!

$75 per set



Bratwurst Sausage

Traditional bratwurst made with a smooth blend of veal and American Homestead all-natural pork in a hog casing. 4-ounce sausages.

Set includes 3 lbs. sausage (12 pieces)

Wild-Caught Shrimp on Skewer

Mexican wild-caught shrimp (21/25ct) skewered on 6-in. bamboo skewer.

Set includes 16 pieces

Mushroom Burger

3.5-ounce patties.

Set includes 4 burgers

Chimichurri Sauce

A tangy, flavorful herb sauce. Add some zing to your burgers or sides.

Set includes 1 package (8 oz.)

Pommery Mustard

Mexican wild-caught shrimp (21/25ct) skewered on 6-in. bamboo skewer

Set includes 1 bottle (8.8 oz.)

Cheesecake Bar

Traditional New York-style creamy cheesecake on a graham cracker crust. Each rectangular bar is 13.5x4in.

Set includes 1 bar (serves 8)

Blueberry Yuzu Compote

Frozen sweetened blueberry compote.

Set includes 8 oz.