Take-A-Way Gourmet | Week of 2/8/21

Regular pick-up hours are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
(closed Wednesday)
8am to 2pm
Please place all orders in advance.

Serve up something warm and comforting during our “chilly” season!
The temp dropped into the 60s, so you know what that means…
Locals are “freezing!”
We’ve got soups and hearty ingredients to help you create cozy meals.

Keep Cozy & Warm!

Gratin Potatoes

Individual potato au gratin with thinly sliced potatoes and Emmental cheese. Bake in conventional oven or microwave.

$12 / 6pc. box

Spinach Lentil and Coconut Soup

A creamy combination of lentils, coconut cream and spinach seasoned with curry and ginger. Gluten Free and Vegan.

$19.25 / 5lbs.
In stock 2/15

Potato Gnocchi

Gnocchi made with fresh potato and cage-free eggs, light and silky; 60-65 pcs per lb. Saute only, do not boil.

$22.10 / 3lb bag

Red Pesto & Truffles

Heat and serve sauce for chicken, fish, pasta or pizza. Tomatoes, basil, grana padano cheese and summer truffles.

$10.95 / 6.4oz can

2Lady Farmers Local Pork Chops

Locally raised thick-cut pork chops from 2Lady Farmers in Waianae. 2-inch thick cut, bone-in chops. 1 per package. 1.3lb average weight.

$12 / ea.

Local Spotlight

The Vegan Cheese Shoppe

The Vegan Cheese Shoppe offers simple, satisfying, and sustainable vegan cheese alternatives. Based in Honolulu, the company uses locally grown macadamia nuts paired with other premium tree nuts to create rich and satisfying cheese alternatives.

Cashew & Mac Nut Grated “Parm”
A great umami-filled alternative; perfect for pastas and pestos
$14.99 / 7oz. bag

Better Than Bread Crumbs
A savory, crunchy, gluten-free option to boost texture and flavor
$14.99 / 7oz. bag

Products have a three-month shelf life (unopened, unrefrigerated; will last longer once refrigerated).

Local Ground Beef
Grass-fed 80/20 ground beef from Oahu’s Kualoa Ranch. Frozen.

$7 / lb.