10363_xl.jpgDesserts for Foodservice
Cakes, Mousse, and Crème Brulee


bc9fe188d136676c3d2afad679ef5147.jpgChocolate Cups
Ready for your creations


10363_xl.jpgChocolate Decorations
A variety of colors and shapes in stock


10363_xl.jpgChocolate Shavings & Curls
The finishing touch that adds value and appeal to your desserts



Cocoa Products
Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Powder, Cocoa Nibs


10363_xl.jpgChocolate Couverture, Dark
A range of Bittersweet and Semisweet Couverture


10363_xl.jpgChocolate Couverture, Milk
TCHO, Valrhona, Cacao Barry and E. Guittard



PRO-Creme_Francaise-31-thumb-200x150Chocolate Couverture, White
Callebaut and E. Guittard White Chocolate




Ice Cream & Sorbet
Tropical Dreams “super-premium” ice cream made on the Big Island


10363_xl.jpgIndividual Desserts
Handcrafted individual desserts


10363_xl.jpgMini Desserts
Minis and French Macaroons


1.75 scaledTart Shells
Sweet & Savory shells in a range of sizes.